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Social media is a web-based technology that facilitates social contact among a big group of people via some form of network. They are interactive technologies that enable the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other kinds of expression via virtual communities and networks. The Internet is the most often used network. However, social media platforms are also used for local networks.

Because of the latest technology revolution, social media is fast expanding and becoming an unavoidable part of daily life. This astounding development is attributed to the increased use of smartphones such as BlackBerrys, Q-Mobile, Androids, and iPhones. These smartphones make it possible to essentially access any social networking platform from anywhere. These social media sites’ smartphone versions.

What Exactly Is Social Media?

Social media refers to a group of technologies that allow users to share ideas and information with one another. More than 4.7 billion individuals utilize social media, equivalent to around 60% of the world’s population, across platforms ranging from Facebook and Instagram to X platform (previously Twitter) and YouTube.

 In early 2023, 94.8% of consumers used chat and messaging applications and websites, with social platforms coming in second with 94.6%.

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How Social Media Began and Evolved

Social media began as a tool for individuals to engage with friends and family, but it quickly grew to serve a variety of purposes. MySpace was the first network to reach one million monthly active users in 2004.

With the introduction of Facebook and Twitter (now X platform), social media involvement skyrocketed in the years that followed. Businesses went toward these channels in order to reach a worldwide audience rapidly.

Social media plays an important role in many organizations’ marketing strategy, which is not surprising given the number of hours individuals spend each day on social websites and applications. At the same time, social media is an ever-changing arena, with relatively new apps like TikTok, Signal, and Clubhouse joining the ranks of major social networks like Facebook, YouTube, X platform, and Instagram.

Key Social Media Management Principles:

Conversations, communities, engaging with the public, and establishing relationships are all part of social media. It is more than just a broadcast channel or a tool for sales and marketing.

Authenticity, honesty, and an open discussion are essential.

Social media not only allows you to hear what others are saying about you, but it also allows you to respond. Listen first, then talk.

Make your content compelling, informative, relevant, and engaging. Don’t be scared to try new ideas, but think them thoroughly before launching them.

Popular Social Media Tools and Platforms include:

Blogs: A venue for casual conversation and debate on a certain topic or point of view.

Facebook: is the largest social network in the world, with over 1.55 billion monthly active members (as of the third quarter of 2015). Users build a personal profile, friend other users, and exchange messages, including status updates. Brands create pages, and Facebook users can “like” the pages of brands.

Twitter: is a social networking/microblogging platform that allows organizations and individuals to stay connected by exchanging 140-character status updates.

YouTube/Vimeo: Websites for hosting and watching videos.

Flickr: is a website and online community that hosts images and videos. Photos can be posted on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Instagram: is a free photo and video sharing program that users may use


LinkedIn: is a social networking site where professionals with similar interests may share information and participate in discussions.

Best Practices for General Social Media: 

While social media tools are widely available, the rules of the road are not always obvious. It’s a new communications landscape, full with exciting possibilities but also a lot to learn.

We created these rules to provide basic direction to everyone at the university, from communications professionals to department administrators, on how to best use social media for communications purposes, both as an account owner and as a user/contributor. The advice and best practices mentioned here can assist you in properly using these channels, protecting your personal and professional reputation, and adhering to university requirements. We also hope that these rules inspire discussions among social media practitioners on campus so that we can learn from one another as we explore these new venues.

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